M is for autism by The Students Of Limpsfield Grange School and Vicky Martin

Buy M is for Autism at Amazon. Buy M is for Autism at JKP books. Buy M is for autism at Hive M. That’s what I’d like you to call me please. I’ll tell you why later. Welcome to M’s world. It’s tipsy-turvy, sweet and sour, and the beast of anxiety lurks outside classrooms ready to […]

From here to maternity: Pregnancy and motherhood on the Autism Spectrum

Affiliate links (thank you for your support): JKP books | Amazon UK (paperback & kindle) | Amazon US (paperback & kindle) When I was growing up, I was very afraid that I would never have children. I wanted them, lots of them (although my dreams stopped at 3 😉 ) but was often told I […]

LEGO®-Based Therapy – These kids are from my planet

So, I’ve been reading How to build social competence through LEGO®-based clubs for children with autism and related conditions (Daniel B. LeGoff, Gina Gómez de la Cuesta, GW Krauss and Simon Baron-Cohen) for a little while now. The premise is basically that if you have a structured environment and activity, you can use it to […]

Nerdy, shy and socially inappropriate. By Cynthia Kim

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