“You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.”

No, not inconceivable. (Though go to the top of the class for recognising the Princess Bride quote. Bonus point if you know which character says it 😉 ) In this case, the word is Average. It gets bandied about lots. In discussion of children’s school achievement. Talking about pay scales. It is so often abused […]

We’re here again – hospital adventure part two.

10.38. Today’s nurse didn’t seem to care whether we ended up sitting with a bunch of possibly infectious children til I pointed it out, so now we’re in a room at least. No cot, so again I’m pleased I brought the car seat in. We’re on the appt board today, name spelt wrong obviously, so […]

Crisis of confidence.

Tell me I’m doing it right? Tigerboy is feeding on demand. Sometimes it feels like he’s feeding round the clock. I do sometimes distract him – pop him in the wrap and go out for a walk for example, but mainly when he wants food he gets it. He made his birth weight back in […]

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