First it was allegations of abuse, now it’s radicalisation – the dangers of home education

What *is* it that politicians think I’m doing with my children? I think I’m home educating them. Educating them otherwise than at school, as is my legal right. Well some of them. Tigerboy is too young to count, and Big is now in school, and don’t get me started on that. It is a parental […]

Contemplating the future of home education, and a call for posts celebrating educational freedoms.

Generally speaking, I’d rather be blogging about hot chocolate, or bubble blowing picnics 😉 but this was brought to my attention recently. From here A representative from the DfE joined the committee to discuss elective home education (EHE). Although the department does not have any immediate plans to review this policy, a series of conversations […]

I thought I’d seen it all.

This week the submissions to the select committee inquiry have been made public. Many ppl have blogged their shock about some of the contents, or their pleasure in reading some of the reasoned arguments against the Badman review. Ppl have also wondered why the whole thing hasn’t just been thrown out – but I don’t […]

What’s in a word?

School v education. Homeschool v home education. Different images aren’t they? To me anyway, although mainstream media and politicians in this country for some reason do not seem to see this. Setting aside the implied discourtesy in using a term not in use by the ppl concerned, is this because they don’t want to accept […]

A vociferous minority.

From the transcript of Monday 12th session in front of the Select Committee please note that this is currently the uncorrected version of the transcript. If/ when the corrected version is available, I’ll change my link and quote if necessary. Graham Badman: I believe that the EHE community has much to offer in developing our […]

Consultation response.

The consultation is available for responses online. My response follows. I was submission 2042, my understanding is that the usual type of number responding to these things is around 300. Wouldn’t it be great if we could get ten times that number? Please, pass it on to your friends, your relatives, your home ed groups […]

Select Committee witnesses

If you haven’t seen the list of witnesses for the select committee the phrase read it and weep comes to mind. From Home Education Forums The Children, Schools and Families Committee will be taking formal oral evidence as follows: Monday 12 October 2009 at 4.45pm Wilson Room, Portcullis House Witnesses: Graham Badman CBE; Ms Diana […]

Pondering that statement of intent from the home education review.

We all have plans for the future and hopes for our children. It’s kind of what parents do. And it is our responsibility to equip our children for a life in the community that they are part of – sounds like a sound statement of responsibility to me. But how did the Badman home education […]

Unwarranted government intrusion into family life.

I was watching the local news tonight, and it turns out that the two policewomen banned from looking after each other’s children live in this area, so were interviewed on the show. They were doing each other a favour – job sharing and childcare sharing, in much the same way women in communities have done […]

Are we just a crackpot minority?

You know, us home educators who are ranting and raving about invasion of privacy following the Badman review of home education, are we just fringe nutters? I admit we’ve made some unusual choices in our life. It isn’t standard to home educate your children after all. And if you don’t home educate them, finding a […]

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