Carrie’s War by Nina Bawden.

A little while ago, I set Small a project – to explore the Second World War primarily through fiction. To get him started, I dug around our shelves and our many secondhand bookshops, and I found a few good titles. The first one he started was Carrie’s War. Carrie’s War (A Puffin Book) at Amazon […]

Project based deslumping

Small, who is often self propelled, is also sometimes not. And at the moment he is in a slump. He’s run out of Alex Rider (read the last book!), isn’t enthused with Maths, not even all that focussed on the pokemon website he started. And as soon as this sort of slump hits in, he […]

History on our bookshelf.

Yesterday I mentioned making Lord Woolton’s pie, working from a recipe in Wartime Cookbook that we got out of the library. Then last night when I was preparing tea (nothing exciting, chinese chicken bits from the coop with stir fry veg and rice) I noticed an elderly looking book on the bookshelf. [For anyone relatively […]

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