Select Committee witnesses

If you haven’t seen the list of witnesses for the select committee the phrase read it and weep comes to mind. From Home Education Forums The Children, Schools and Families Committee will be taking formal oral evidence as follows: Monday 12 October 2009 at 4.45pm Wilson Room, Portcullis House Witnesses: Graham Badman CBE; Ms Diana […]

Pondering that statement of intent from the home education review.

We all have plans for the future and hopes for our children. It’s kind of what parents do. And it is our responsibility to equip our children for a life in the community that they are part of – sounds like a sound statement of responsibility to me. But how did the Badman home education […]

Unwarranted government intrusion into family life.

I was watching the local news tonight, and it turns out that the two policewomen banned from looking after each other’s children live in this area, so were interviewed on the show. They were doing each other a favour – job sharing and childcare sharing, in much the same way women in communities have done […]

Oh dear, Mr Badman, don’t the figures add up?

The Select Committee day of investigation into the conduct and findings of Graham Badman’s Home Education review is fast approaching. Someone has now found this little gem: Please see the attached letter from Graham Badman. Graham would like to make local authorities aware of the forthcoming Select Committee hearing in early October which is likely […]

What’s it all for?

The parent of every child of compulsory school age shall cause him to receive efficient full-time education suitable- (a) to his age, ability and aptitude, and (b) to any special educational needs he may have, either by regular attendance at school or otherwise. So what’s a suitable education? From Home 1.5 There is no […]

Complaint to The UK Statistics Authority

Hi I am writing to express my concern at the statistics used to inform Graham Badman’s review of home education, released 11 June 2009. The review can be found here as a free download. and the particularly disturbing section, on which the vast majority of the call to action and most upsetting recommendations are based […]

Democracy in action?

Tonight I am feeling betrayed and let down by a man who in all reality has no responsibility to me at all. Lord Lucas has placed an amendment against the Apprenticeships, Skills, Children and Learning Bill as follows: 311 Insert the following new Clause— “Support for home education Support for home education (1) The Secretary […]

Home education review, what can we do now?

Lord Lucas asks To ask Her Majesty’s Government whether, as required by the Code of Practice on Consultation, they have published an impact assessment to accompany the “Registration and Monitoring Proposals” consultation following Mr Badman’s report on Elective Home Education; and, if so, whether they will place a copy in the Library of the House. […]

Aged five and on flexi-time

Well, the publicity is continuing post Badman review, with an article in the Guardian today about flexi-schooling with the tagline “New regulation for home educators could mean a rush to take up part-time schooling, a parent writes”. I have commented as follows: Just because the review was accepted in full by ministers does not mean […]

My letter to my MP, John Gummer about the home education review.

Dear John Gummer, I am writing to draw your attention to the review of home education carried out by Graham Badman and presented to the government on 11 June, last week. Ed Balls stated that he accepted all recommendations from the review, and immediately launched a consultation into changes in how home education will be […]

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