September goals – blog/business, family, me.

As part of blogtember, today Hannah, Katie and I are all doing our September goals post. In the future, I hope that my monthly post will also be a recap of how I’ve gone on with the month before, but I’ve promised that sort of thing in the past and failed dismally, so no promises. If I do, they’ll be modelled after this on BetterNotStop, not least as that’s where I got the idea of doing a monthly goals post. I’ve also downloaded the free planning spreadsheet but haven’t got it filled in yet.

Sun dogs and sandcastles

I hate clock change time. I’m not good with sudden change, and this time of the year it seems to just pile up – one minute it’s summer (beginning of this month we were on the beach in T shirts), next it’s practically winter – it was 2 degrees this morning. 2! Best way to […]

You’re going to miss this

Sitting in the library at a local sixth form, I suddenly realised that life is racing by. Big is pondering next steps in education – her story not mine, so no details here at the moment – and one thing seems certain, September will bring big changes to our family’s way of life. Years turn […]

Making friends

Easter is a time for family where we’re concerned, and today was family lunch round at Tim’s brother’s. 14 of us round the table, and there were hours of chatting, eating and drinking. And time to make friends. Tigerboy loves animals. He’s very good with them, neither too grabby or nervous. This is him taking […]

Christmas present

I saw someone on twitter earlier say that people don’t need to blog today, because it’s Christmas and all. I’d noticed 😉 But before I blogged for all sorts of other reasons, I blogged to record family memories, and Christmas is a memory that’s kind of important. So if you don’t mind, I *am* going […]

It’s summer, let’s party!

Summer, cocktails, bacardi – a great way to have a special family evening as part of a sponsored shop with Collective Bias. Would you believe I actually enjoyed the shopping trip? For once I went on my own. No small helpers wanting things, no arguments in the aisles, no losing children when you turn your […]

Everyone has a story.

I’ve always wondered what it was like to be part of a newspaper story. You know, how does it feel to be part of a disaster, do you really start feeling brave when you are described as such, that kind of thing. Do you notice the moment that you suddenly become newsworthy, is the narrator […]

Silent Sunday 19 June 2011

History on our bookshelf.

Yesterday I mentioned making Lord Woolton’s pie, working from a recipe in Wartime Cookbook that we got out of the library. Then last night when I was preparing tea (nothing exciting, chinese chicken bits from the coop with stir fry veg and rice) I noticed an elderly looking book on the bookshelf. [For anyone relatively […]

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