Saturday snippets 24 January 2015

{watching} Jericho (just finished season 1) and Continuum (just started season 2). Netflix has really broadened my horizons. We had #familyfilmnight on Thursday, How to Train a Dragon 2. Big in particular seemed to really enjoy it 😉 {reading} Nightbird. Just started it. Is drawing me in nicely though. And a good contrast to the […]

Saturday snippets 6 September 2014

{watching} Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Big hit with all the family except Tim, who really has seen it all before. Though even he wants a set of Falcon wings for Christmas. And who wouldn’t? With a body count rather higher than an Arnie film, I was quite pleased the little ones were playing Reading […]

Saturday snippets 16 August 2014

{reading} Further adventures of Milly Molly Mandy. Third book in the series, courtesy of local secondhand book store. While I was there, I discovered a copy of Milly Molly Mandy and Billy Blunt, but I’m not sure whether that’s different stories, or just the ones with Billy Blunt in. {watching} Overboard. Unusually, this romantic comedy […]

Saturday snippets 2 August 2014

{reading} Mindful living with Asperger’s Syndrome. Written by a guy diagnosed as an adult, who has lots of experience with mindfulness techniques. I can hear him choosing his words carefully though, so as not to offend, but also wanting to get his points across. I tried out the first set of techniques, but the sun […]

Saturday Snippets 26 July 2014

{reading} The Little Red School book. This is delightfully subversive, and I’m very much enjoying it. Thought provoking – it’s not a cover to cover read, rather an information manual aimed at pre teens/ younger teens with all the things that children want and need to know that adults tend not to want to talk […]

Another Family Film Night – with Crocodile dundee

Today I have been stretching my brain, and almost remembering what it’s like to work for a living. I’ve been poking at a problem or two on and off for weeks now, and today I sat down and spent several hours at it. It felt good to tussle with something other than what was for […]

Popcorn, The Princess Bride, Pizza – a perfect Family Film Night.

I’ve spent today decluttering in the grand style again. I haven’t actually made it as far as any of the black sacks in the livng room yet, which is rather depressing, but I’ve now gone through two thirds of the cupboard space in our bedroom, sorting it so that there is actually room for storing […]

The Fellowship of the Ring – Family Film Night

Grotty dull day here yesterday – it barely seemed to get light. I managed to get a bit more tidying done, which had the adverse side affect of clearing a path to the craft shelves, so I then spent lots of time removing unsuitable craft items from the toddler. Going to have to do some […]

Saturday is family film night – Back to the Future.

Or at least, tonight was our second family film night. I’m trying to make it a habit, that we spend one evening a week staring at the same screen together – I’d quite like it if we did board games or something non screen related, but atm, Smallest would destroy them, so a shared film […]

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