Supporting the #LBBill

I’ve just sent the following letter to my MP. If you feel you can support the campaign, please consider doing similarly. The information you need is here and you can use the WriteToThem website. *** I don’t know whether you’ve ever heard of Connor Sparrowhawk, also known as Laughing Boy. He had autism and epilepsy, […]

When your world tilts sideways, wiggle your toes.

On Saturday, I got up, drank coffee, togged up and went for a run. I didn’t run terribly far, or terribly fast – 1.2 miles in 11m 35 seconds. When I got back, I drank more – probably water, though I don’t remember, and then crouched on the kitchen floor to read a book to […]

I remember his jeans were wet.

Tonight I saw the #JusticeForLB stream on twitter. It’s about a teenager who drowned in a bath in an NHS assessment unit. Despite him having a history of epilepsy, he was left to bath unmonitored. And I was instantly dragged back in time to that night. My sister drowned in her bath. It’s a disturbingly […]

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