Thinking of self

Over on twitter today I’ve been involved in a fab conversation with lots of other autistic adults. People have been discussing how they felt post diagnosis, which, particularly for those of us with late dx, can be a whole complicated bunch of things. And then people have gone on to talk about special interests and […]

Dreams and Regrets by Emily Williams, author of Rafferty Lincoln loves.

You may or may not be aware that I have an occasional series of posts on the theme of Dreams and Regrets. (If not, follow the link.) Today I’m happy to add to that series as part of the Rafferty Lincoln loves blog tour, with a guest post from author Emily Williams. Dreams… When Jax […]

Martyn Ford: Dreams and regrets – UKYACX blog tour.

As part of the UKYACX blog tour (MG variety), I’m very pleased to welcome author Martyn Ford to the blog today, continuing on the occasional series of Dreams and Regrets guest posts. Over to Martyn Tasked with writing a blog post on “dreams and regrets”, we first have to define the words. I’m going to […]

Regrets and Dreams – Sue Ransom

I’m thrilled to be kicking off the UKYA extravaganza blog tour today with a guest post from the wonderful Sue Ransom. Sue is the award winning author of the best selling Small Blue Thing trilogy, with her latest book, The Beneath published in March this year. She manages all this alongside a full time job […]

Starring Kitty Blog tour – Keris Stainton – start with the pizza

Today I’m pleased to welcome an author I’ve actually had the chance to meet in person, not once but several times – Keris Stainton, whose new book, Starring Kitty (A Reel Friends Story), is published 24 July. (Amazon have it wrong. Honest.) Over to Keris, on the theme of Dreams and Regrets. I like to […]

Kim Curran: Dreams and regrets – a GLAZE blog tour guest post.

Welcome Kim Curran: When I read Jax’s beautiful post on Dreams and Regrets I was nodding harder than a bobble head dog. Like many writers, I’ve had my share of rejections. Although, as I’m relatively new in the game, mine are all in digital form. But ever now and then I look back on those […]

Goals, not dreams: Clare Mackintosh

Continuing my occasional guest post series, inspired by my Dreams and Regrets post, today I’m very pleased to host Clare Mackintosh (who some of you may remember better as Emily Carlisle from More than Just a mother), who has a slightly different take on the situation. Over to Clare. Discovering, in my early thirties, that […]

Janet Edwards: Dreams Reborn.

Today I’m very pleased to be hosting a guest post from author Janet Edwards. I met Janet a while ago on twitter and have had the pleasure of reading and reviewing her first two novels. Jax recently wrote a wonderful post about ‘Dreams and Regrets’. About a box of old manuscripts she’d written years ago, […]

Dreams and regrets

There’s a box of old dreams in the kitchen just now. They’re tattered, with some pieces missing, mouse chewed and musty. And I feel older and more pathetic every time I walk past them. They’re manuscripts I wrote years and years ago. I’ve got an envelope that goes with them. The first one is dated […]

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