Pebble by pebble.

One year ago, I took myself to the doctors, thinking I was having a resurgence of the anxiety and depression I’ve battled all my life. View this post on Instagram Took a walk to the seafront and built pebble towers as the sun set. (Videos in stories if you like your waves moving. ) *Deep […]

Signs of spring?

   I thought I’d got away with it this winter. I thought I’d managed to balance creativity and activity, outdoors and hibernating, my ups and downs and that I was going to make it through this winter without my annual crash. I was wrong. Yesterday was a day too far. Despite sunshine and pretty pictures […]

Autism, anxiety and mindfulness.

   Thursdays are hard for me at the moment because I finally started attending an autism support group. Not a carers group, a post diagnosis group for myself, to help with aspects of living with aspergers. For me, and indeed many people with ASD diagnosis, autism comes with a high level of anxiety, that feeds […]

Make like a pair of curtains

And pull yourself together. I would never say it to anyone else. But i can choose to say it to myself. I started well. Ran a mile. Not fast at all, but steadily. Was grateful for my gloves once I’d fished them out from behind the piano. And then got home, warded off the incipient […]

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