Making money for old phones with CEX

Before anyone gets excited, this isn’t a sponsored post. (I’m very open to working with phone brands or recycling /decluttering folks if anyone is offering mind.) A little while before Christmas I won a new Huawei P20 Pro mobile phone, I may have enthused about it at the time. Which meant that my trusty Samsung […]

Clutter out, cash in – selling on Ebay with the android app.

Recently I was invited by Mumsnet Bloggers Panel to review the experience of selling on Ebay, which a particular focus on using the app for listing and managing the process. As regular readers will know, I’ve a renewed focus on decluttering the house at the moment, and this seemed like an ideal time to give […]

A hundred pieces of me Lucy Dillon Read 52 book 6

Read 52, book 6. A hundred pieces of meby Lucy Dillon will be described, no doubt, as chick lit, or women’s fiction. Because it’s about women’s things. Lives, illnesses, love, death. It’s also about men, and relationships, and a dog. It’s about careers, and houses, and work. It’s glorious, and moving, and heart breaking, and […]

Popcorn, The Princess Bride, Pizza – a perfect Family Film Night.

I’ve spent today decluttering in the grand style again. I haven’t actually made it as far as any of the black sacks in the livng room yet, which is rather depressing, but I’ve now gone through two thirds of the cupboard space in our bedroom, sorting it so that there is actually room for storing […]

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