Why we home educate in the holidays

I tweeted the other day about how Tigerboy was enjoying a trial on Doodlemaths and someone replied to ask if that meant we didn’t have holidays. And the honest answer is, we don’t, really. Over the years, we’ve drifted from a more structured home education approach with some very obvious curriculum related box ticking, to […]

On buying home education curriculum resources.

I’ve been quite proud that despite the fact we’ve got piles of curriculum style resources around the house, Smallest and Tigerboy have largely been unschooled so far. However, right at the moment I’m a little concerned with how screen focused they are both getting, and I want to do something about that. I also want […]

Playing home education bingo.

Most of the time I’m happy to talk about home education. I love to chat about the different ways children learn to read. (Phonics. Picture books. Reading eggs. Montessori materials. Osmosis.) I can enthuse for hours about following interests, the value of playing online games, how great the world of nature is and so on. […]

Yet another change in home ed styles.

Over the years I’ve tried a wide variety of styles of home education. We’ve been structured, used bits of curriculum, tried out Montessori, unschooled, gone childled. And nothing has really worked for any length of time. Which is why we keep changing. I’d love to be able to unschool, but it really really doesn’t work […]

The whole early years/ school age thing and home education, with a book review.

Increasingly via twitter I’m getting contacted about home education. This is good. I’m glad that ppl have somewhere to reach out to. When I was considering it for Big, all those years ago, my online answers came courtesy of the Muddlepuddle, now Early Years, yahoo group. That group put me in touch with a fantastic […]

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