Fun with felt at home education group

First meet of the year, a workshop run by a felting expert. Now, I’m reasonably familiar with felt after my Kentwell experience, but I’m never going to pass up on the chance to work with an expert, and this turned out to be great fun. Smallest designed a picture, I just love the way the […]

How to make a fabric indoor wreath

I was recently approached by Turtle Mat to take part in a wreath making activity, they were kind enough to send me the materials for the wreath and a catalog of their products. (Do check out their Christmas collection, I’m eyeing up a boot stand as a possible organisational tool to help reclaim the porch.) […]

Circle time.

It will surprise no one who knows me that I’m pretty much making this up on the fly 🙂 (If you’re wondering what I’m talking about, pop back to the first post about creative circles here. I’ll wait.) What I have in mind is a situation in which we all support each other. The support […]

Opening a creative circle

I have written stories for as long as I can remember. I’ve never joined a writer’s group. I’ve started drawing and painting and general art. But I’m not sure about the local art club. And there’s knitting and sewing and crochet and spinning, costume to make and felt to, well, felt. Creativity is something that […]

Getting creative with insurance savings from Cavendish online.

Do you have life insurance? I don’t. I did, once upon a time, when I worked for a bank. It kind of came with the package. But that lapsed a while back, and one of the reasons I’ve never got organised again is because of the cost. But recently I was approached by Cavendish online […]

Friday in photos.

Mainly because I’m still sewing. No, don’t say anything, I know! Tools of the trade. Including Dylon. Nearly finished. So nearly finished. Just keep sewing. (One hour dress. Humph.)

Minimum mess makes – Spring pictures.

As I blogged recently, I have some issues with mess. Since then, I’ve been trying to make sure that we do something crafty or sensory pretty much every day that we’re here (if we’re out and about I don’t bother quite so much!) I wish I’d written more nine/ten years ago about what I did […]

Stepping up to the messy play plate.

I don’t like sticky, messy things. I’m not even fond of kneading dough or mixing cake. And as a young child, Small was much the same. It’s not fair though, to let that impact on the younger two. So since Christmas I’ve been making a real effort to get crafty and messy with them. We’ve […]

Sometimes I forget the important things

And I need a little reminder. Today we were sent a WeekendBoxClub box for review and knowing that I’m away this weekend, I thought I’d get started on it straight away. I’d forgotten how lovely it is to spend one to one time with Smallest, focusing on her and just doing something for her. I […]

Minotaur peg doll puppet for historyetc

Once a month or so we clamber in the car and trek a fair distance to meet up with other home educating families and join in a history club. It’s based loosely on The Story of the World: Ancient Times, and I can’t remember if this is our second or third session – may be […]

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