Lifestyle changes, the Italian edition.

A few months ago, t’other half had a bit of a wake up call from a scheduled GP encounter. Nothing immediately serious, but a whole load of little factors that add up together to mean that his overall health picture wasn’t nearly as good as it could be. Basically, his age, weight, lifestyle and being […]

It’s summer, let’s party!

Summer, cocktails, bacardi – a great way to have a special family evening as part of a sponsored shop with Collective Bias. Would you believe I actually enjoyed the shopping trip? For once I went on my own. No small helpers wanting things, no arguments in the aisles, no losing children when you turn your […]

Finally using my Christmas present.

I’ve had some fab Christmas presents in the last few years. There was the digital piano (back in the days of 2 salaries and one child). My netbook, still in use most days. My digital camera. Much loved, though not used nearly as much as I should. Then, there was this: It’s a strawberry planter. […]

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