#MyAquaphor challenge

This post is an every for the Britmums #MyAquaphor challenge, sponsored by Eucerin. Discover the benefits of Eucerin At this time of year, I struggle with my hands. My skin objects strenuously to being cold and damp, I’m not good at winter on so many different levels. And I don’t get along with many skin […]

Lego Carcraft High speed chase.

Can you do something with Lego for carcraft went the email. Well, yes. I can hand it to my son and his ZU3D kit, and let him animate it. So here you go. One Carcraft Lego high speed chase. All Small’s own work. He’s good, isn’t he? (and yes, I’ve spoken to him about clearing […]

Presents hidden everywhere.

Presents hidden everywhere Shiny bag behind the chair Packed and left out in plain sight Stashed atop the stairs at night I’ve hidden presents anywhere I think that no one thinks to look (On the table. By a book.) I hope that no one reads this post Or no one who will matter most, But […]

That was then, this is now.

1983. Prehistoric times. My children ask me if it was colour by then (they’ve swallowed their father’s tale that the world was black and white when he was growing up). The answer is barely and gloriously. There were four of us. We weren’t actually fuzzy or sepia, but we didn’t have fantastic digital cameras back […]

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