Innervention #100books

A twitter friend, Marc, aka The Business GP is someone who understands the value of charity – proceeds from his book on Renaissance Management are funnelled through to his charity Camp Quality UK. I think it was when he tweeted about that that I mentioned the 100 book challenge, and after a quick batch of […]

When I Dream of ABC #100Books

This book was sent free of charge by Top That! Publishing to support the 100 Books Challenge. Yet another lusciously illustrated picture book, this time a quirky ABC with some very unexpected entries. I don’t recall ever reading an ABC that included vampires before! At least X doesn’t stand for Xylophone in this version – […]

Cub’s First Winter #100books

Cub’s First Winter by Rebecca Elliott was sent free of charge by the publishers Top That! Publishing to support our 100 Books Challenge. This is a lusciously illustrated storybook about winter, which has a mother fox explaining the season to her curious cub as they enjoy a last forest walk on the first day of […]

Little Penguin Dives In #100books

You have no idea how good it feels to be publishing the 20th review in this series. We are reading the books, it’s writing up the reviews that’s doing for us. Still, here we go. Little Penguin dives in is the third of the three books that Liz of Me and and My Shadow sent […]

The Lonely Snowman #100Books

Haven’t linked with the image to Amazon here, as they don’t appear to have an image. This is probably because The Lonely Snowman (Christmas Winter Windows) is an old book, belonged to one of the others, can’t remember who. At that point it had a snowman, but something about the cutout offended smallest and she […]

Boo! #100books

We’ve had Preston Pig books before, but this one has the magic word in it. In this house, the magic word is Boo! Elephants say boo. Pigs say boo. The baby says boo as she turns over the pages 🙂 There’s not a lot to the story, but enough to hold her interest time and […]

The Coldest Winter #100books

This one arrived this morning from Oxford University Press, along with a couple of lovely picture books, and something that looked funny, so Small snaffled it 😉 I scanned the back of this and decided that it looked a bit harrowing so I’d read it before letting Big have a look. I’m glad I did. […]

The Feather #100books

Won this one on twitter from tamarindbooks. It’s a lovely book, and I’m pleased to find that Smallest is rather fond of it too. Extremely fond of it in fact – last night she had me read it through 4 times straight off. I think it’s the birds. She loves birds. It’s one of her […]

I have discovered I am shameless

when it comes to charity. I will tweet at publicists, publishers and bookstores. I will email publishing companies, write guest posts for blogs and ask for stuff in comments on yet more blogs. And I was brought up to believe it’s rude to say I want 😉 I don’t really know what’s come over me. […]

Book blogging/ reading/ reviewing challenge.

During our week away I’ve been thinking lots more about my blog for good challenge. I’m intending to donate from any blog related income – I’ll do that as and when I actually receive anything! The Santa Run for EACH is next weekend. My costume is here, waiting for me to put it on, and […]

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