How to share links to facebook with just one image.

If you’re in the habit of sharing your blog or brand links to facebook, you may have noticed that recently something changed and instead of the one link with image preview, you get a kind of carousel effect. This is, quite frankly, kind of irritating. You’ll be pleased to hear that it’s easy to avoid. […]

I haven’t blogged

And it’s making me twitchy, not blogging, holes in the archives. I haven’t blogged, and I’m afraid my readers will just fade away, forget I was here. (Are you still here? ) No blog for days and I might forget the days, except. Except that I have a record of beach days in photographs, and […]

What are you really writing about?

And what do searchers actually find? There’s all sorts of ways to analyse your blog content, traffic, search engine referrals and so on. Lots of them are terribly serious. Spreadsheets. Software. I daresay you can draw graphs. This isn’t serious at all. And I’m sorry, blogspot users, part of it is wordpress focussed, though I […]

Do you remember linking?

Last week when I wrote the period post, it went a tiny bit viral. Not very viral, but quite big for me, in that I was getting traffic from all sorts of odd places for three days after I wrote the post. That usually only happens when I review books on autism. I am a […]

Saturday snippets 1 June 2013

{Travelling} home from Cybher. {Eating} posh canapes. {Drinking} coffee and red wine. {Learning} about dslr cameras and g+. {Meeting} loads of friends, old and new. {Feeling} tired and happy and proud of my elder daughter spreading her wings. {Snapshots} Big went to her first blogging conference. Small showed real maturity over disastrous happenings with his […]

Moving on from Emma’s Diary

For 18 months, from October 2011, I was an Emma’s Diary blogger. I really enjoyed it. You might think that blogging here pretty much daily and trying to write tech stuff regularly at Tech Solved that I’d have enough writing to do, but it appears you’d be wrong. I loved having a space where the […]

Meta post – on social media, Google +1, share buttons and blogging.

Obviously I have enormous amounts of stuff to get ready for the weekend and weeks ahead, just as obviously I’m suddenly shattered and in pain from the run yesterday, and now coming down to earth with a bump after a lovely morning with my #MumsOnThree posse (great to meet you all!) and fantastic lunch courtesy […]

How do you blog?

No, not what tech do you use? (Although that’s interesting in a building an amazon wishlist to replace this mortally wounded netbook sense 😉 ) Rather, I’m interested in how you organise yourself. Are you a spur of the moment blogger? Do you get hit by inspiration and rush over to your admin panel straight […]

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