I have been accused of neglect.

Again. Oh no, it’s not the first time. No, it’s not me personally. It’s worse than that in a way. It’s yet another invidious slight against the home education community. This time at the hands of the TES (times educational supplement) who have as their cover story the article Collateral Damage. Neglect and abuse under […]

Heads up

Home education mentioned in new consultation document. Home educated pupils 80. The Government also proposes to introduce a scheme allowing local authorities to claim for funding for pupils educated at home where services are provided to these pupils. This might include giving them access to school facilities or paying the entry fees for exams sat […]

It’s hard to know where to start

with the flood of press releases today. We’ve had the government’s full response to the Graham Badman review. We’ve had the announcement of a forthcoming review into the definition of suitable education for home educated children. We’ve seen Graham Badman’s latest attempt at proving that home educated children are more at risk than those in […]

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