The State of Grace by Rachael Lucas – an #ownvoices review

Pre order The state of Grace at Amazon (affiliate link). I’d like to introduce you to a girl. We’re going to have to pop back in time to the last 70s for this one, but I’m sure we can make it. She’s kind of scruffy, not very fashionable. Tends to frown a bit when she’s […]

Aspergers and sensory overload – my experience

You’ve probably all seen an asperger’s or autistic sensory overload without knowing what you were seeing. It may have looked like a small child having a tantrum, maybe in a shop or play area. It’s not a tantrum. It may have been a slightly older child having a strop, all flounce and bounce and anger […]

Autism, anxiety and mindfulness.

   Thursdays are hard for me at the moment because I finally started attending an autism support group. Not a carers group, a post diagnosis group for myself, to help with aspects of living with aspergers. For me, and indeed many people with ASD diagnosis, autism comes with a high level of anxiety, that feeds […]

Tony Attwood on autism in females – my thoughts.

This video is just over 30 minutes long.  It’s worth every single minute if you have any interest in understanding how autism plays out in women. It’s very different to how it plays out in boys. Very different. Get a cuppa, we’ll meet back in half an hour to discuss. Sadly, the original video appears […]

Aspergers and sensory overload – seeing a different world

As I’ve said before, I have an autism diagnosis. Probably Aspergers, although as the diagnostic differential is to do with language development, and we didn’t follow up on that, it can’t be a definite. So it actually says probably in my diagnosis letter, which amuses me somewhat. I don’t think it shows particularly, unless you […]

From here to maternity: Pregnancy and motherhood on the Autism Spectrum

Affiliate links (thank you for your support): JKP books | Amazon UK (paperback & kindle) | Amazon US (paperback & kindle) When I was growing up, I was very afraid that I would never have children. I wanted them, lots of them (although my dreams stopped at 3 😉 ) but was often told I […]

For world autism awareness day: This is me.

Hi. I’m Jax, I’m 44, I have 4 children, a slightly embarrassing IQ (it’s just a fact, kind of like my height) I’m 5’5″ and autistic. That last one is one I’m still bashing around. “You don’t look autistic.” Um, thanks. (What does autistic look like? No, you’re right, I’m not Dustin Hoffman.) The thing […]

A pony in the bedroom by Susan Dunne.

Reviewing A Pony in the Bedroom: A Journey through Asperger’s, Assault, and Healing with Horses by Susan Dunne. In trying to understand my own diagnosis of Aspergers syndrome (autistic spectrum disorder) and what effect that has had on my life, I’m reading as many books as I can by other autistic people. Susan Dunne grew […]

Self esteem and autism

I’ve been struggling with self esteem lately. And by lately, I mean pretty much my whole life. I’ve measured my value in various ways. By the jobs I’ve got. The pay rises and promotions I achieved. There was one notable year, when I was working in IT for a large financial institution, that I got […]

Blogfest – meeting people

One of the double edged swords of attending blogfests is meeting lots and lots of people. Double edged because yay! meeting people I’ve never met but spend so much time talking to online (or people I have met and *still* spend lots of time talking to online 😉 ) but also aargh! lots of people […]

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