Managing hashimotos, sciatica, anxiety and depression while autistic.

When I wrote my cheery reintroduction post the other day, it felt like I ignored a pretty big elephant in the room. This is the other side of me, the bit that I don’t usually brag about. It’s hard to know how far to go back with all of this. And this isn’t a pity […]

Autism, anxiety and mindfulness.

   Thursdays are hard for me at the moment because I finally started attending an autism support group. Not a carers group, a post diagnosis group for myself, to help with aspects of living with aspergers. For me, and indeed many people with ASD diagnosis, autism comes with a high level of anxiety, that feeds […]

Sunrise in a dewdrop

   There’s a whole sunrise in that dewdrop. Worth dropping a whole load of water on my head wriggling into the bush to get the shot, right? Definitely worth running to the beach, even if there wasn’t a whole lot going on over the sea. May have taken some artful shots of wet stones. We […]

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