March picture book catch up.

In pictures 🙂 This is the main body of it. That’s a whole lot of books! Titles etc: Picture a Greener future (Worcester Bosch) Bob’s best (ever) friend. Simon Bartram The bad tempered lady bird. Eric Carle Love Monster. Rachel Bright Walter and the no-need-to-worry suit. Rachel Bright Charlie and Lola: We honestly can look […]

300 picture books catch up

The last time I did a proper 300 picture books post was, oops, weeks ago. At that point we were well ahead of schedule, at 48 books. Since then, when we’ve read a book, I’ve stacked it by my chair – it’s getting to the point where I have to stand back and leap to […]

300 picture books wk 3. Or thereabouts

Continuing our 300 picture book trek – another good week, including our first library visit. Last week we got up to 23 books, this week we’re totalling 35. Bubble trouble UFO diary. Satoshi Kitamura Books always everywhere @nosycrow The littlest dinosaur @KidsBloomsbury Rosie’s walk Rex wrecks it Grandad Pot Goodnight Tiptoe Polly Dunbar The Hueys […]

A selection of favourites – 300 picture books week 1.

I’m really enjoying focussing on reading different picture books every day, although there are obviously quite a lot of rereads too, in order to hit the 300 Picture book target. I’ve fallen slightly behind in the daily review over at Shingle Street, sigh, but I’m keeping up with instagrams of the covers, which when I […]

300 Picture books!

Last year I took part in Child led chaos 300 picture book challenge. I made it to 150 I think, and then lost track, heart, the plot and so on. (There were some really difficult bits towards the middle of last year.) Anyway, as Anne-Marie’s children are moving on to chapter books, she’s decided against […]

Just ten minutes

No big resolutions here – I’m still smarting from the complete failure of this time next year two years ago. So I’m not trying for anything SMART 😉 Instead, a word. Dreams. I will dream. I will dream small, and big, and everywhere in between. And I’ll try to regularly (won’t say daily) try to […]

We need diverse (picture) books.

There’s been a fabulous meme running around twitter for a little while now, with lots of people tweeting the reasons #WeNeedDiverseBooks. It made me think about what I’m offering the children in their picture books. So when I was idly flicking through a pile in a charity shop I was pleased to pick up some […]

300 picture books week 15.

Ping and pong grow. Lovely pictures, very individual style. Slightly annoying that the text doesn’t always marry up with the pictures though. And bumble bees don’t make honey. Wild about books. All I said was Hop into bedtime. The magic bed.

300PBs week 14

300 picture books week 10 featuring Satoshi Kitamura.

We’ve not done a lot of reading this week, what we have done is focus on a couple of books by Satoshi Kitamura. The first is Millie’s Marvellous Hat. This is fabulous. Millie spends all of her (non existent) money on an imaginary hat. She then gradually realises that everyone has a hat. There’s loads […]

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