Secret obsessions.

I have a little secret. There’s something I really really like. It’s not a big thing, not expensive or even particularly exciting, but it gets me all hot under the collar.

Whatever could it be? I’ll tell you. I like stationery. New pens. Little pads. Beautiful notebooks with pictures on the cover and padlocks so you can keep secrets. Packs of ordinary exercise books like you used in school. Fountain pens that leave ink stains on your fingers as you pour out your heart. Calligraphy pens. Even ordinary cheap biros that stutter and refuse to write until you’ve scribbled a circle or two.

The history of stationery is fascinating. Did you know that once upon a time it was offensive to send a manufactured card as a reply to a wedding invitation? Of course the guidelines were mainly written by ppl selling stationery (stationers, and that’s the way to remember how to spell it) so I think they did have a bit of a vested interest! Still, discovering how Christmas cards have developed through the ages does pass the time.

So, if I’m popping out for a day’s shopping, preferably without children, I’d rather look around an stationery shop than a boutique clothing outlet. If you ever feel you’d like to treat me, look into notebooks instead of slinky underwear. When I left one place of employment a couple of years ago I was utterly delighted with a cardmaking craft kit, and another place supplied me with a WHSmith gift card, proving these were ppl who had known me well.

Have you got any secret obsessions?

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