Favourite reads for a two year old boy

Small is a 2 1/2 year old boy who loves cars, trains, computers, his sister, television, bob the builder and books. This is a list of reviews of the books he enjoys most at the moment, especially for bedtime stories.

Rattletrap car. A particularly lovely book, with lots of lovely onomatopoeic words in there as the car gradually falls apart and is rebuilt by an enterprising family who just want to go to the lake to cool down.

The pictures are absolutely spot on, beautifully detailed. This was one of Big’s favourite library books when she was about 2, we ended up buying it for her for Christmas one year, and now Small loves it too.

This was a secret santa present at our home education group this year, except that santa insisted it had to be for Small, can’t think why 🙂 Turned out to be an inspired choice, as many evenings he just wants this story read several times over. And as I enjoy the book too, it isn’t too much of a sacrifice.

Another present, and this one particularly apt for a child who as a baby didn’t really believe in sleep. This is a lovely story to follow through, and well worth paying special attention to the pictures. A firm favourite, and ideal for that one last story before bed moment.

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