Saturday snippets 9 September 2017

{Practising} habits. Water, exercise, creativity. If I manage to cement these in for another week I’ll add something else – maybe that I clear the kitchen before internet? (This might mean I mainly clear it before bed, but that works too.) {Reading} actually I’ve stalled. I’ve been reading Lynda LaPlante Good Friday (amazon affiliate link […]

watching Mary Poppins

Yesterday I worked from home. The break from driving was much appreciated! Kirsty came by and dropped A off while she took M to the dentist, and despite the fact it was ages since my two had seen A they all disappeared off upstairs, and were neither seen nor heard until about 5.45, when they […]

First week.

Given the pattern of our lives just now is radically different to how I expected this whole home education thing to pan out, I’m applying a bit more forethought to the approach atm. This fits in nicely with Merry starting up a new reading year sort-of-curriculum blog, so I’m going to see what we can […]

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