First it was allegations of abuse, now it’s radicalisation – the dangers of home education

What *is* it that politicians think I’m doing with my children? I think I’m home educating them. Educating them otherwise than at school, as is my legal right. Well some of them. Tigerboy is too young to count, and Big is now in school, and don’t get me started on that. It is a parental […]

Contemplating the future of home education, and a call for posts celebrating educational freedoms.

Generally speaking, I’d rather be blogging about hot chocolate, or bubble blowing picnics 😉 but this was brought to my attention recently. From here A representative from the DfE joined the committee to discuss elective home education (EHE). Although the department does not have any immediate plans to review this policy, a series of conversations […]

Home education on the rise – a cause for concern?

Only if you’re a Labour politician. To: Department for Education Home Education 210289 Barry Sheerman To ask the Secretary of State for Education, if she will make it her policy to collect information on the (a) number, (b) religion and (c) ethnicity of children being homeschooled in England. Answered by: Mr Nick Gibb on: 20 […]

Drip, drip, drip….

That’s the sound of your civil liberties eroding. Back in April the ECJ (european court of justice?) ruled that a part of our current legislation, the Data Retention Directive, was breaching human rights with regards to privacy. Our government’s response is to attempt to rush through emergency legislation this week. Yes, that’s what I said. […]

And just like that, I could vanish.

Well, not me. My blog. And not so much vanish as get filed in the bottom drawer of a locked filing cabinet in a disused laboratory with a sign on the door… Wondering what I’m talking about? It’s the government’s latest wheeze to protect the children. Won’t you think of the children, they cry, while […]

Have you ever been annoying?

Well be careful then, you might be about to become a criminal. Sadly, I’m not exaggerating. You see, in a drive to simplify our somewhat overburdened legislation, the government is currently considering a new Bill, the Anti-social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Bill which could make being annoying a criminal act. They are looking at replacing […]

All the old chestnuts again – home education is not a safeguarding issue.

There’s a letter floating around Facebook and creeping on to blogs, from a Kent county council employee, referencing new intentions from the secretary of state for education to link HE children to schools and include them in school attainment targets. *headdesk*. There’s a freedom of information request in already to get to the bottom of […]

Tax, benefits, morality and #spartacusreport

I’ve been arguing with the HMRC website this afternoon. It’s coming up to the deadline for SA returns, and even though I’m fairly sure I don’t owe anything, I have to submit on time or I get a £100 fine. All of this led me to have a bit of a rant on twitter. But […]

Can you imagine it?

Yesterday I posted about the spartacus report and the government welfare reform bill and what you can do about it. I tweeted lots, watched the post views triple, emailed my MP, signed and shared the epetition, was featured by Mumsnetbloggers, had the article show up in a Netmums series but failed, really, to make the […]

I’m as mad as hell and I’m not going to take this any more.

I read an article in the Guardian last night. It had chilling echoes for me of a previous situation where a government decided they didn’t like something and would legislate against it, regardless of the actual facts of the situation. Basically, what is going on is a government that caters to the rich (mainly by […]

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