Bloglovin v Feedly – and what is RSS anyway?

Time for an update on the Bloglovin situation. As you may have seen if you’re on social media (and if you’re not, how did you get here anyway? 😉 ) Bloglovin have made a statement that the canonical URL pointing to their site was an oversight, it’s all been fixed, and everything is hunky dory. […]

How to share links to facebook with just one image.

If you’re in the habit of sharing your blog or brand links to facebook, you may have noticed that recently something changed and instead of the one link with image preview, you get a kind of carousel effect. This is, quite frankly, kind of irritating. You’ll be pleased to hear that it’s easy to avoid. […]

Cybher: I wish

I wish we didn’t need to discuss the word feminism and whether we need to reclaim it. I wish I’d managed to get my hands on some of those cupcakes. I wish I could work out who I met and who I didn’t meet. And remember names. Ppl seem to like it when you remember […]

Is Google really the only game in town?

Tonight on twitter I caught the buzz about someone losing their google pagerank, due to having had normal links (ie not no follow) in sponsored posts. Hard on the heels of that discussion there was a groundswell of questions. What is pagerank? Why does it matter? What’s a nofollow link anyway*? And so on. And […]

Ponderings on Klout following that there new algorithm.

Quite some time ago I wrote an article proposing that there should be more than one type of Klout. That they should separate out professionals/ brands from ppl. With their latest algorithm tweaking, I suspect they’ve started to refocus their attentions on those ordinary ppl, and I don’t really like the way it’s going. That […]

Twitter hacking, what it is, and how to unauthorise dodgy apps.

I thought I’d talk briefly today about something topical that doesn’t involve NotW, honest, and that might hopefully give a few of you out there some help. There are lots of twitter hacks. The current one going around sends DMs from affected accounts offering $$$s for working from home. Hopefully everyone knows not to click […]

Why I think there should be more than one type of Klout

I have really high Klout. I’ve said that before. I’m not quite sure what that means except that I spend far too much time on twitter, talking to a huge range of ppl, some of whom think what I say is interesting and share it around. But do you as an individual care about it […]

Are there really no dos and don’ts on twitter?

At the recent Mums On the Go with Three event several ppl asked about twitter and said they were slightly scared of it. I found that bewildering, but on further discussion it appeared they were afraid of transgressing against unwritten rules of etiquette. Most of us assured them that there are no such rules, other […]

Feeling cultural? A sneak peek at the new top 20 blogs in Wikio’s Culture rankings.

I was very surprised a few months ago to join the Wikio top 20 blogs in the culture list. Since then I’ve moved around a bit, but stayed in there, and I’m very happy this month to be carrying a sneak preview of the list, which will be fully updated later this week. I’ve got […]

I’m playing on Empire Avenue.

{EAV_BLOG_VER:420c6542c2a9df24} That’s a verification code so I can link my blog to my profile. Apparently when I do that, I’ll get something out of it. I’m not really sure what it’s all about though. I came across it as the next Klout – I’m not really sold on Klout, given how it can be gamed, […]

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