Colour my grey day

Right now I’m really enjoying photography, and particularly sharing it on Instagram, where there are some wonderful communities you can join in with by tagging your pictures. I thought I’d share a few of my favourites here. #colourmygreyday is for those days when you need a pop of colour. This evening’s picture, taken during this […]

Watching paint dry. 

Playing with my paints again.  I’ve deleted twitter from my phone and am trying to wean myself off Facebook. I’m enjoying instagram, although I find the algorithm frustrating.  Hopefully all this will mean less stress and more creativity. I miss the community though, and I don’t know what to do about that. There used to […]

Internet matters – understanding the issues that can affect your children online

With 4 children in the family, ranging in age from 15 down to 3, and a steadily increasing supply of technology through the door, keeping on top of keeping children safe online is tough. Being asked to review the information on Internet Matters turned out to be extremely useful and informative, and no matter how […]

Binned the Klout, now checking out Kred.

Just over a week ago I blogged about why (and how) I’d opted out of Klout. I’ve read yet more articles about it since that confirmed to me I’d made the right decision – I particularly enjoyed the The Fairytale of Klout earlier. Given their recent glitch where many ppl saw another drop of anywhere […]

I am ashamed of myself.

For a while now I’ve been wavering over the deletion of my Klout profile. I’ve been aware of some issues over privacy and attitudes to users, but I’ve been allowing the benefits of having a high score to sway me. What benefits, you may say? Well, the most obvious one for me is that Klout […]

Meta post – on social media, Google +1, share buttons and blogging.

Obviously I have enormous amounts of stuff to get ready for the weekend and weeks ahead, just as obviously I’m suddenly shattered and in pain from the run yesterday, and now coming down to earth with a bump after a lovely morning with my #MumsOnThree posse (great to meet you all!) and fantastic lunch courtesy […]

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