Home education, how’s it looking these days?

I still get a fair few contacts via social media about home education, so I thought it was probably time for a bit of an update on where we are, how we’re doing and what it looks like these days. Also, I was inspired by Adele over at Beautiful Tribe who wrote a beautiful post […]

Monday listening

Ages and ages ago I was going to do a shuffle playlist post. Only at the time I didn’t use Spotify, just listened to Internet radio. So I forgot. Then we got a family Spotify account (educational expenditure when you’ve got two kids doing music performance). And Big built me a playlist, just so I […]

Wildflower hunting, sculpture trails and music festivals – some summer plans

I love wildflowers. This is not a surprise to anyone who follows me on instagram. (Handy link over there in the sidebar if that isn’t you. If you’ve arrived here from instagram, nice to see you!) Today I got sent a press release about a great way to get kids into the idea of wildflower […]

Musical charity challenge.

To get to Grade 1, on a new instrument in about three months. Big wants to learn guitar. I don’t mind what I play. Dp is considering joining in and learning recorder. I’m the only one with any musical experience, I’ve got grade three on violin and piano, and grade one theory. We’re not precisely […]

11 minutes left

for a quick blogpost to keep up the habit I’ve gotten into of blogging (at least once) every day. It’s been a good day. At 9 o’clock this morning I couldn’t forecast I’d be ending the day saying that though. At 9 o’clock I was asking Small to stop screaming shut up. Why wouldn’t you […]


Aargh, days are slipping by without blogging again! Tim was away for a couple of nights at the beginning of the week, which cut down drastically on my (evening) computing time. It also meant a convoluted set of logistics for the Monday evening activities – Big was picked up slightly late for her fun swim […]

A tale of two children.

My children are very similar, and very different. I’m often accused of cloning, which I find amusing now that they are growing up – Big’s hair has darkened and her blue eyes are now brown. Small is still blond and blue eyed, but they are so very obviously brother and sister. Stick their half sibling […]

Another week sails by.

Wednesday was Maths, English and comparative religion. Well, comparative in that we compared it to the theory of evolution we’d looked at over the previous couple of days 😉 Small didn’t think much of it, he likes evolution, and keeps drawing little cartoon strips of how creatures could have got from one celled amoeba to […]

autonomy vs peace and quiet…

I have been waiting since January for my children to deschool, stop watching endless CBBC or playing on mind numbing websites, for them to show and develop some interests and learn to get along instead of screeching and bickering all day. I’ve run out of patience 🙁 Maybe I don’t respond in the right way […]

hovercraft, puters and stuff

Didn’t have a good night’s sleep last night, so was reluctant to start the day today. Am told by Tim that I missed Small strumming his guitar this morning, but there you go. Once I was down and breakfasted, the whole family collaborated over yet another Science School project, this time he wanted to make […]

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