Binge learning. 

People often ask how home educated children learn to read, and the answer is in as many different ways as there are children learning. Let me tell you about Tigerboy this week to demonstrate why I think that.  Tigerboy lives in a house (over) filled with books. He has free access to a wide number […]

Contemplating home education styles, with a Teach My Preschooler kit review.

When you mention home education to people one of the first questions (usually right after ‘but how will they make friends?’) is how will they learn to read? Or do maths? The answer to that is all sorts of different ways, to be honest. Some children just seem to acquire reading in the same way […]

But what do you do all day?

Every day is different. At this time of year I’m trying to tease the children away from their screens and into the great outdoors, though to be honest, it doesn’t usually take all that much encouragement. This week, Smallest is enjoying Early Readers from Orion children’s books. She grabbed them out of my hands and […]

Home ed days: learning to read with Songbird phonics

So, like I said the other day, The Book People had a sale on. Which was cruel of them. (Newsflash: Tuesday 10th until midnight, click here to use SHELL10 for 10% off your order! since released a new discount code of 5% off sales over £35, just use AFPEACH) So I ordered Songbird Phonics, a […]

A short reading week for picture books.

When the challenge is to read 300 books in a year, that’s not quite 1 a day. I figured that getting a book a day in to begin with would be a good start though. So far I’ve read the Mozart Question aloud to the small children. I think I got more out of it […]

Stabilo early writing resources.

Recently we were sent some samples of Stabilo early writing resources, and the younger children have had a great time reviewing them. This is Smallest with a left handed pencil and a maze. Pretty good pencil grip for a three year old, no? (OK, a very nearly 4 year old. Eek.) I like this pencil. […]

Shakespeare with children, or Taming of the Shrew in the forest, at Jimmy’s Farm.

We’ve been privileged to see Shakespeare with the Red Rose Chain several times previously, including King Lear and Midsummer Night’s Dream. I was thrilled to be able to attend the press night for this year’s performance of Taming of the Shrew. Theatre with small children sounds like a kind of intimidating idea. Red Rose Chain […]

How to tell a product is working – a Reading Eggs review.

Recently we were offered a subscription to Reading Eggs to review. Smallest liked it. A lot. I’ve been meaning to blog about it and as usual haven’t got a round tuit, and the subscription has expired. This is a Bad Thing. There is little more upsetting that a disappointed toddler. And when she tries to […]

Planning early education with help from Baker Ross and Random House children’s books.

I read Tigerboy a book the other day. It was the first time that I’d read him a book instead of having him on my knee while I read to Smallest. Given he’s 9 weeks old I’m definitely slacking 😉 We have books coming out of our ears in this house. Smallest loves to be […]

Book related rant – is Harry Potter really all that?

I’ve just, courtesy of twitter, come across the latest words of wisdom from a politician on reading. The headline is All children should read Harry Potter books by 11, says minister The actual quote is “By the end of primary school, all children should be able to read and enjoy books like Harry Potter. But […]

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