Making money for old phones with CEX

Before anyone gets excited, this isn’t a sponsored post. (I’m very open to working with phone brands or recycling /decluttering folks if anyone is offering mind.) A little while before Christmas I won a new Huawei P20 Pro mobile phone, I may have enthused about it at the time. Which meant that my trusty Samsung […]

New camera: Canon SX700 HS

I’ve had a Canon camera for a few years now, a present from Tim. It was a Powershot SX110. It takes very nice pictures. And sometime last year I started playing with what I could achieve when I moved off manual, and the answer is, some very nice things. Some are on my much neglected […]

Samsung Note 2 Android 4.3 upgrade issues.

Hi, my name is Hac, and I’m a samsung Note 2 addict. At least I was. I loved so many things about it. I adored the connective typing, the predictive text, the way that I only had to send a phrase a couple of times and it learnt it. I used to be able to […]

Quick test on blogging from HTC One X

When I do phone reviews, I have a number of little tests I like to do. One of them is blogging from it. Right at the moment I’m trying google voice input which is surprisingly good. Can’t work out how you delete though. Now I’ve found the Swype equivalent. It’s called HTC trace and is […]

Oxpwr One review – with added discount code.

I think I may have mentioned in passing recently that I’ve been camping for two weeks without any access to power to recharge my much loved Smartphone. As you can imagine, this is a bit stressful for me. While I fully understand the idea that disconnecting from the internet can be good for you, it’s […]

Family Quest, Bananagrams and a competition…

Way back in spring this year I was thrilled to be invited to become a Lead Mummy blogger on Three‘s On the Go Mums campaign. I was given a phone and a mifi, went to London for the kickoff event, and then really enjoyed a morning with some bloggy and real life friends designing an […]

Never mind on the go…

I barely seem to have sat down today! So here’s a quick stream of consciousness post about the main launch event for Three’s MumsOnTheGo yesterday, before I lose it all. I’ll probably miss lots out, and no doubt come back to pontificate further at various points, but here’s a first try anyway. First and foremost, […]

Never heard of Swype? If you’ve a touchscreen phone you need to.

Neither had I, until I was sent an Nokia N8 from ThreeUK that already had Swype installed. Well, actually, it was a while after I was sent it that I figured it out, when the very nice man in the local carphonewarehouse shop showed me how it works. I’d gone in to check out the […]

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