Ginger bread and butter pudding

I have a habit of haunting the reduced shelves in the local coop. Recently they’ve been having some great deals on milk – we get through a lot anyway, but whenever there’s a big bottle (6 pints!) I bring it home and make some kind of milk pudding. Last night I grabbed a reduced price […]

Swiss chocolate marrow brownie

It’s marrow season. You know, when the courgettes go mad, and you’ve got to try to work out what to do with heaps and heaps of vegetables, brought from the allotment, that the kids won’t touch. I’ve been making chocolate marrow cake for a while, but I decided to branch out, and went searching for […]

Dunwich Heath Sconeathon – inspiring Stilton and Ale scones.

At the weekend we were invited up to Dunwich Heath National trust, who were having a sconeathon. I’d no idea what a sconeathon is, but it sounded like a good idea 😉 Dunwich Heath is just up the coast from us, and not a National Trust property we’d visited before. Then again, we haven’t done […]

Cooking with kids using Dairy Milk Chocolate for Collective Bias

This week I shopped for Dairy Milk at our local supermarket as part of a sponsored shop for the Collective Bias community, to use in cooking with children. See how we got on. First of all there’s the actual shopping. I went to our local East of England Coop, which is about 5 minutes walk […]

Home education or domestic servitude?

One of the reasons given by the labour government for their investigations into home education and proposed legislation about it was to protect children from domestic servitude. I wonder what they’d have thought about the two hour home economics lesson that took place over yesterday and today, and resulted in Big providing tea for the […]

Jamie Oliver at home review and giveaway with the Sun Buzz magazine

Now why oh why did I think that the Sun Buzz was out tomorrow? My bad 🙁 Quick, stop reading and run to your local newsagents/ supermarket if they are still open, and grab your copy of the Sun Buzz to get your token for a free Jamie Oliver DVD! (Oh, and you could follow […]

Cake, cookies, Guides and fundraising.

I confess that I wasn’t planning to join in with the Friday Club this week. I’m not much of a one for baking. I’m just not good at it. I follow instructions carefully, and at the end, get back something that looks nothing like the picture in the recipe book – it’s depressing. However, Big […]

Maths, Time travelling and scanning

Can’t quite remember how I got into the battle with Big Wednesday morning over her maths, but we did. From being thrilled with the new books, she’s now back into full resistant maths is boring mode. But I put my foot down and required her to do some – I feel that she needs to […]

Deliveries, friends and a trip to the beach.

Got up this morning to find two deliveries in the porch – maths books from Maths no problem and our new veg box from Abel and Cole. The veg box scared me slightly, so I left it in the kitchen while I hid behind a netbook, but the maths books went down really well with […]

Cake, park, yet more swimming.

As planned today, Small and I baked a cake this morning. He doesn’t get terribly involved, apart from in licking the bowl out 😉 ,but he was there, and we talked about measurements, he did a bit of stirring, and when I asked him to get Tim to check what the equivalent to gas mark […]

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