Another week sails by.

Wednesday was Maths, English and comparative religion. Well, comparative in that we compared it to the theory of evolution we’d looked at over the previous couple of days πŸ˜‰ Small didn’t think much of it, he likes evolution, and keeps drawing little cartoon strips of how creatures could have got from one celled amoeba to […]

A day of deliveries, outings and swimming.

Am attempting to drag myself out of bed slightly earlier in a morning, which is working in terms of less friction between the children, but isn’t doing my energy levels much good. I’m really tired all the time! But there you go. Anyway, got up to find that the parcel from Amazon had arrived, containing […]

Don’t they know it’s the weekend?

I think it was as I was getting my breakfast that I overheard Tim explaining Stone age, Bronze age, Iron age to Small, another conversation prompted by observation of one of his castle figures. From there somehow they moved on to looking at flags and coats of arms and that was what he was showing […]

And an entertaining evening

But before we get there, details of the shopping spree I undertook this afternoon πŸ™‚ Courtesy of the book ppl, I ordered Usborne Internet-Linked French for Beginners with CD, French club, Hide and Speak French (Hide & Speak) (which comes with a collection of activity books, looks a bit young, but Small does like activity […]

Meet Jax, the entertaining educational machine.

As promised to the children, my alarm went off at 8 am this morning. Given that I didn’t get to sleep until well after midnight, despite being in bed before it, then woke again at 5 and did that horrid drifting dozing thing for a couple of hours, it took me several minutes to force […]

Big wants to learn

Victorions Where we live Math’s Spelling Sionce a new langwig? Craft Poetry Accordingly, her library haul included two books on toys, Toys (What Was It Like in the Past?) and Look Inside a Victorian Toyshop. I found Seashore (Usborne Nature Trail) which I thought might help with learning more of the area around where we […]

Small wants to learn

How lite is fire How hot is fire How cold is ice How fast is the sun How slow is the earth How good is Federer Yes, the last one made me laugh too. I should point out that although I asked him to find pen and paper to write these down, he told me […]

Big’s plan

Sitting down with Big to work out what she thinks she ought to be doing during this home ed lark. This is being typed pretty much as we speak, so will be somewhat disjointed πŸ™‚ We both think that maths should be a regular activity, as maths gets easier if you practise it. She wants […]

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