Questionaut, biology and yet more lego

So Big went away last night, dropped her off with a home ed friend, so that they could spend the day at UEA doing biology. By all accounts they had an absolutely fabulous time – she was full of it when I picked her up tonight. So that was excellent. Small managed mostly fine without […]

Back to school.

That would be the school situated in our living room, with a school day that goes nearly all round the clock 😉 Home education for us is very home centred right atm, due mainly to soa’s needs and requirements. We are going to introduce a weekly music group as of next week, which will mean […]

Quick round up.

While soa is happy in her bouncy chair. She’s increasingly awake and alert during the day, and also increasingly happy to be separated from me for more than a minute at a time. It’s not many minutes though, so I’m typing rapidly! Can’t remember when I last blogged properly about the older children (odd thing […]

A tale of two children.

My children are very similar, and very different. I’m often accused of cloning, which I find amusing now that they are growing up – Big’s hair has darkened and her blue eyes are now brown. Small is still blond and blue eyed, but they are so very obviously brother and sister. Stick their half sibling […]

Still trying hard.

Didn’t get through our routine bits yesterday due to an early morning appt for Tim and myself, but did on Mon and today. Regular maths is giving Big confidence to attempt sums while out and about – she worked out the cost of two bits of fabric in the remnant shop as was this afternoon, […]

Long day and late night.

Not quite sure how the children entertained themselves for most of yesterday, as Tim and I were busy sorting and reorganising to move ourselves down from the loft bedroom. It was beginning to get a bit silly me climbing the ladder, and certainly wouldn’t have worked well once babe is actually here! So I sorted […]

Another week sails by.

Wednesday was Maths, English and comparative religion. Well, comparative in that we compared it to the theory of evolution we’d looked at over the previous couple of days 😉 Small didn’t think much of it, he likes evolution, and keeps drawing little cartoon strips of how creatures could have got from one celled amoeba to […]

More idioms, new shoes and rhyming slang at the dinner table.

Children did maths and English first off – more work on idioms for Big, trying to draw humorous pictures to illustrate various idioms. Not sure about the humour value of the pictures, but it did get her thinking about the language involved, and she was a lot happier with that as an exercise. Small actually […]

Not everything has a why…

declared Small this evening. He’d been asking for Brown Beaver’s phone number, and I wanted to know why he wanted it. He said that not everything had a why, and I said I thought it did. His response was that there was no why that the earth started, and I have to admit, I had […]

Orford castle.

After a couple of days off working due to our hectic social life 😉 I was quite pleased with the children’s attitudes yesterday. Small did a sheet on telling time, plus a maths practice, and some reading, while Big did some copywork – writing over a poem printed out in jardotted which only elicited low […]

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