Brief reason for home education.

Today in the post I got a form from college – additional information for home educated students. There was a little box headed up “brief reason for home education”. Brief? You want me to summarise how we came to home education briefly? There were a couple of years of research that spun off reading I […]

First it was allegations of abuse, now it’s radicalisation – the dangers of home education

What *is* it that politicians think I’m doing with my children? I think I’m home educating them. Educating them otherwise than at school, as is my legal right. Well some of them. Tigerboy is too young to count, and Big is now in school, and don’t get me started on that. It is a parental […]

Contemplating the future of home education, and a call for posts celebrating educational freedoms.

Generally speaking, I’d rather be blogging about hot chocolate, or bubble blowing picnics 😉 but this was brought to my attention recently. From here A representative from the DfE joined the committee to discuss elective home education (EHE). Although the department does not have any immediate plans to review this policy, a series of conversations […]

I have been accused of neglect.

Again. Oh no, it’s not the first time. No, it’s not me personally. It’s worse than that in a way. It’s yet another invidious slight against the home education community. This time at the hands of the TES (times educational supplement) who have as their cover story the article Collateral Damage. Neglect and abuse under […]

I thought I’d seen it all.

This week the submissions to the select committee inquiry have been made public. Many ppl have blogged their shock about some of the contents, or their pleasure in reading some of the reasoned arguments against the Badman review. Ppl have also wondered why the whole thing hasn’t just been thrown out – but I don’t […]

What’s in a word?

School v education. Homeschool v home education. Different images aren’t they? To me anyway, although mainstream media and politicians in this country for some reason do not seem to see this. Setting aside the implied discourtesy in using a term not in use by the ppl concerned, is this because they don’t want to accept […]

People like us.

A very short while ago I rejoined an email group that I was last a member of over 10 years ago. It’s the list that I met Tim on (awww…) and hence Big is known to them as listbabe 🙂 After a suitable pause, I brought up the topic of home education there, hoping that […]

Consultation response.

The consultation is available for responses online. My response follows. I was submission 2042, my understanding is that the usual type of number responding to these things is around 300. Wouldn’t it be great if we could get ten times that number? Please, pass it on to your friends, your relatives, your home ed groups […]

Dear Mr Ed Balls and the DCSF- No thank you

Inspired by Helen’s letter to Ed Balls from her blog. Dear Mr Balls I will not give up this fight. These are my children, not yours, not the state’s. I will choose with them what they learn, and we will not follow any curriculum determined by remote politicians in Westminster, even though we may appear […]

It’s hard to know where to start

with the flood of press releases today. We’ve had the government’s full response to the Graham Badman review. We’ve had the announcement of a forthcoming review into the definition of suitable education for home educated children. We’ve seen Graham Badman’s latest attempt at proving that home educated children are more at risk than those in […]

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