Not very patiently. This post is going to be all about me and baby stuff, so if you’re looking for home ed or politics, you probably want to pop off to my archives 😉 Baby is due on Tues. I’ve been hoping for it to come early for a while now, mainly due to the […]

Maths, Time travelling and scanning

Can’t quite remember how I got into the battle with Big Wednesday morning over her maths, but we did. From being thrilled with the new books, she’s now back into full resistant maths is boring mode. But I put my foot down and required her to do some – I feel that she needs to […]

Mainly quiet but with added scan excitement.

The children are thrilled with the presence of L, their big sister, and consequently ignored my existence all yesterday morning. Not a big problem as far as I’m concerned 😉 It’s great that they adore us so much, and lovely that she reciprocates 🙂 By lunchtime though I was trying to wrangle them into getting […]

Yet another boring baby post :)

This isn’t meant to be a pregnancy blog, so I apologise for yet again droning on about baby stuff, but I’m so relieved by the scan and everything today that I just have to share 🙂 Tim and I dropped the kids off round at their uncle and auntie’s about 10 this morning, and then […]

spinning in circles.

Yesterday I got organised in the morning and took Tim’s car into town, drove it round the town centre three times, then gave up, parked it in a vacant space on a cross road, and carried four box loads of charity shop stuff to the Forget Me Not trust shop on the main road. Each […]

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