Saturday Snippets 28th July 2018

{learning] about work. Bit of a shock to the system, but I’m sure I’ll adjust. {reading} How To Bee by Bren MacDibble. I started this months and months ago and somehow put it to one side and didn’t finish it. I’m working on finishing things now, and this was an easy choice to finish. It’s […]

Saturday snippets 9 September 2017

{Practising} habits. Water, exercise, creativity. If I manage to cement these in for another week I’ll add something else – maybe that I clear the kitchen before internet? (This might mean I mainly clear it before bed, but that works too.) {Reading} actually I’ve stalled. I’ve been reading Lynda LaPlante Good Friday (amazon affiliate link […]

Love you, bye.

Hey little sister. Thought I’d take some time to tell you the news, just in case you haven’t been keeping up. Your namesake is 3 1/2 now. Which means you’ve been gone 5 years. Hardly seems possible, that five years have flown by without you. I think of you daily. Naming one of my children […]

Saturday snippets 13 April 2013

{Watching} the spy next door. Jackie Chan family oriented movie. A bit uneven in pacing, but overall great fun. {Reading} Follow me down by Tanya Byrne. Which has no problems with pacing πŸ˜‰ {Visiting} kentwell Hall for a sewing day in preparation for tudor times ahead. Lots of costume changes afoot. {Eating} McDonald’s, as we […]

Everyone has a story.

I’ve always wondered what it was like to be part of a newspaper story. You know, how does it feel to be part of a disaster, do you really start feeling brave when you are described as such, that kind of thing. Do you notice the moment that you suddenly become newsworthy, is the narrator […]

Why I’m not running Race for Life…

I’m already signed up to Run for All. My sister invited me to take part in December, and I signed up just in time to save myself £5 on the race fee. I’ve been training all year, including while on holiday a couple of weeks ago, but I’ve still not run more than 4 miles. […]

nature walk and incidental learning

It may seem as if I have abandoned the whole philosophy of autonomy and unschooling, nothing could be further from the truth. I’m well aware that the majority of the children’s education is still delivered incidentally as it were, facts absorbed from yoghurt pots, conversations about words and meanings, TV programmes imparting animal information or […]

Sunday sun.

Bil was very organised this morning and struck the tent before the preteens were awake. Well, the second bedroom and the outer anyway. When they woke up and stumbled out he asked them if anything was missing. “Um, the washing line?” “What, not the tent?” doh. They breakfasted and putered, and Big taught Princess and […]

5 children, 2 puters, 1 website.

Not a particularly good combination for a harmonious morning! Despite their late night, all children were up reasonably early, although the preteens were the last, unsurprisingly. They mainly managed to play on moshi monsters – there was an attempt to play monopoly junior, but it was abandoned on the bedroom floor after not very long. […]

Questseekers and cousins.

Friday morning, we managed to locate all library books, and persuade Small that he needed to take some of them back. He was not very happy about this. He hasn’t read quite a few of them – he tends to start reading them and then get distracted on to something else, which is not a […]

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