On not going back to school. Staying at not school?

We went out and about today, and bought stationery for the new not-school year that’s fast approaching. None of this terminology makes much sense. As I’ve said, we’ve drifted into an unschooling lifestyle where there’s really not a lot of division in the day between overtly educational activities and games and playing and just life […]

Getting my act together as an educational blogger – call for carnival posts.

I really really loved running the not back to school carnival. And I get the impression that it was pretty popular with a lot of home ed and other bloggers. So, I wondered if we could make an educational carnival a regular thing? Who is up for that? I was thinking maybe 4th Thursday of […]

The Not Back to School Carnival – because education is mandatory, but school isn’t.

Home education is a valid and legal option. And there are lots of people doing it. This is a carnival of celebration, of encouragement, and I’m thrilled that so many people have joined in. So without further ado, let’s take a wander. You may remember I posted some prompts – a few people have taken […]

Learning to read – a carnival!

So sorry this has taken me so long to post. without any further ado… Here’s Katie from Outside the Box with her Change makes you wanna hustle post about different approaches for different children. Drool over the absolute gorgeousness that is Chris’s post on the subject, Ready to Read, Something for the weekend. (Seriously, I […]

Learning to read, take three.

What with the whole home education thing, I’ve been very involved in the learning to read process for both of my older children. I think I’ve learnt something from that experience. Point 1 – there is no one way that suits all children. I know about the current educational vogue for synthetic phonics, and I […]

Planning for our (first ever) family holiday abroad

The passports are here, the tickets arrive today. We’re in the final countdown to our first ever family holiday abroad. And I haven’t got a clue what I need! If you asked me about camping, I could do you a list 😉 (My camping list is the most found page on this blog. Go figure.) […]

A quick octopus craft.

Trying to get my crafting mojo back atm, so I said I would try for something for RedTedArt Under the sea Get Crafty. In the end I took part in a purely supervisory role… What you will need for this craft is a book, preferably a fairly hefty tome, and some yarn. We chose a […]

International Women’s Day Carnival.

As International Women’s Day is 100 years old this year, it seems only right to recognise and celebrate it with a carnival. I sent out a call for posts a while back, and I’ve had a great response. Before I go any further, if I’ve managed to miss any out, I grovel and abase myself, […]

A cherished item?

Just one? Oh grief. I’m the original pack rat. The house is stuffed with stuff, the cupboards are past bulging, the shelves are overflowing and many of our heaps have mini heaps of their own. So you’d think that there must be many cherished items around, all with their stories to share. Not so easy. […]

Not so much a parenting tip as a quandary in search of a tip.

I have a 7 year old boy. I work very hard to get him to behave in what I would refer to as a civilised manner, paying attention to ppl around him and respecting their rights to a peaceful and pleasant life. So for example, if I go to a cafe with him, I expect […]

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