Home education, how’s it looking these days?

I still get a fair few contacts via social media about home education, so I thought it was probably time for a bit of an update on where we are, how we’re doing and what it looks like these days. Also, I was inspired by Adele over at Beautiful Tribe who wrote a beautiful post […]

Monday morning changes.

So today, this happened. Which was a bit startling. Big has, on her choice, gone to the local academy, joining year 11 to do GCSEs. She looked very happy and excited in her new uniform, which fitted her pretty well, and was thrown together in a week. All good fun. (Or not. If you follow […]

Treat day. (With bonus Shattered book launch.)

Today has been a treat day. I try to do this with the children in some kind of rotation, but it can be difficult to juggle. Today was Big’s turn. We got on a train to London. When we got there it was coffee time. Then we went to a bookshop. For this. This is […]

Education courtesy of science kits and jigsaw puzzles.

One of the plus points of being sent items for review is that very often I can work them into our educational plans. So it was great that we were offered a Wild Science Lip Balm Laboratory for Big to take a look at, as there are all sorts of educational experiences in a kit […]

Talina in the Tower blogtour – interview with author Michelle Lovric

Big read and reviewed Talina in the Tower (link to be added when she’s pressed publish, sigh!), kindly supplied to us by Orion for that purpose. And then we got to interview the author as part of her blogtour! How fantastic is that? So, Big’s questions first: 1. How do you decide on a storyline? […]

Home education or domestic servitude?

One of the reasons given by the labour government for their investigations into home education and proposed legislation about it was to protect children from domestic servitude. I wonder what they’d have thought about the two hour home economics lesson that took place over yesterday and today, and resulted in Big providing tea for the […]

A brief braces update.

A while ago I blogged our first few days of Big wearing her braces. I think a few ppl found it useful, as it is or was looming in their future, so I thougt it was probably time I dropped a quick update in. She’s now been wearing braces since February. One of the main […]

When do charity requests cross the line?

Last night Big returned home from Guides with the instruction that they’ve to take £1.50 in next week as they are going to buy Innocent Smoothies and knit hats for them for charity. This confused me on several levels. First of all, it’s not how I understood the campaign to work, and when I looked […]

Bit of a washout really, with the orthodontic next stage.

The drought is at least temporarily over in Suffolk. It’s done a lot of raining here today, which is a good thing – we’ve been missing it. It also means I haven’t had to carry the grey water out to water my sad and sorry looking garden, which is very good. Particularly good as I […]

Hannibal returns.

Years ago, when I was a much younger and less experienced parent (and actually thought there might be a Right Way to do things, that only I didn’t know) Big went to nursery. It was a very good nursery. The staff cared very much about the children, and they were all very calm, highly qualified […]

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