Camping list

Tent, poles, pegs, groundsheet
Gas bottle with hose and regulator, preferably that matches stove 😉
matches/ lighter
Airbeds and pump
Sleeping bags + two blankets or fleece per person (one for underneath the sleeping bag) Pillows?
Folding table and chairs
Washing line to dry the towels on
Something to carry water in (I use 5L empty mineral water bottles)
One complete set of cutlery and picnic crockery per person
Sharp knife, scissors, bottle opener and tin opener.
Fish slice and slotted spoon
(I keep all my cooking stuff in plastic box with a lid)
Washing up bowl
1 frying pan and a pot
Small camping kettle
Thermos flask
Chopping board
Tea towels
J cloths
Washing up liquid
Tissue or toilet roll
Kitchen roll
First aid kit
Plastic bags
Coolbox or bag
Couple of windbreaks
Barbecue if you’re into that sort of thing
Wine (I find red works best – no chilling :-))
Food: Very personal, but I usually bring lots of pasta and bottled sauces,
tea, coffee, salt, pepper and olive oil, and some tins.
Couple of torches (head torch particularly good for late night nappy changes 😉 )
Potty or bucket for the obvious
Baby wipes and no-water handwash
Picnic rug
travel clock!
Folding crates
Dustpan and brush.
Kids, clothes, toys, books.
Tickets/ reservation letter

I’m the original user, Jax Blunt I’ve been blogging for ten years, give or take, and if you want to know me, read me 🙂

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