#Ad Foodsavvy – the products and the progress

Disclosure: we were gifted these products, and some links are affiliate links.

We’re into week two of my Foodsavvy challenge with Hubbub UK and this week I’ve been getting to grips with a view of the products we’ve been gifted to help cut down on our food waste.

The first product would probably work better if I’d read the instructions properly. The Lakeland banana bag says it will keep bananas fresh for a fortnight, but you have to keep them in the fridge in it, and I missed out that bit. I’ll give it another go and get back to you on that. This will be a bit of a challenge for me anyway, in that we don’t have a huge amount of room in the fridge. Storage is a challenge when you’ve a family of 6.

Banana bag

Product 2, food huggers. I am loving these. Also Lakeland, they come in a pack of 4 of various sizes. My biggest tip in using them would be to think about which way you cut your veg in order for them to fit snugly in the huggers – eldest did herself half a pepper for sticks for her lunch, and we just about persuaded the hugger to hold it, but it wasn’t perfect. Used as a lid for the half mug of beans though one of them was absolutely ideal, and they kept the beans way better than either cling film or gravy tube lid has ever managed. Definitely a win on that one.

We were also sent various products from the Ikea 365+ range, including some glass containers with bamboo lids and a deeper one with a silicon lid. I like the fact that the deeper one still nested with the shallow ones for storage, and also that the lids are interchangeable between them. The silicon lid is fantastic, and really air tight, I forgot to take a picture of me lifting it up by the lid, but I’ll do that for the next blog post.

Ikea 365+ food storage with bamboo lid

The bamboo lids look fabulous, and are air tight (there’s a silicon seal) but be aware that they push into the bowl so slightly reduce the storage space available. They stack really well in the fridge though, and are great dimensions for leftovers, and you can see exactly what you’ve got in them.

I still need to get better though at communicating to the rest of the family what needs eating when. I’d love any tips you have for that. We cut down on our waste this week mainly by having two leftover nights instead of one, and also by having a breakthrough with crusts – four members of the family are now eating crusts, both ends of bread, and where Smallest was leaving the edges, she’s now been convinced that this was wasteful and is eating them. Small steps – Tigerboy is still leaving his, but that’s half the crusts being thrown out for the birds. (Sorry birds.)

Crusts before our campaign started

Have you had any hits with your food waste this week?

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  1. http://Jo%20P says

    Good post. Most of our food waste is caused by buying stuff with a short shelf life without thinking when it will be eaten. There is no point buying fresh meat if we’re not going to cook it within the next day or two. Also, one member of the family who insists on eating different evening meals every night whereas the rest of us are happy with the same thing two or three nights in a row.
    For the crusts, cut their sandwiches into triangles on the diagonal instead of rectangles or squares. It removes the corner and cuts down on waste if they really won’t eat them!

    • http://Jax%20Blunt says

      I’m guilty of buying short dated without a plan, but it tends to be bakery stuff that’s already yellow stickered. I do alternate our meals here as I don’t think anyone wants the same thing lots of nights. Except pizza. They’d probably all happily eat pizza daily!

      On the crusts, my square eater now eats hers, so at least the diagonal is slightly less wasteful.

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