A Story Like The Wind by Gill Lewis, illustrated by Jo Weaver.

I borrowed this from the library in December and couldn’t face taking it back without reading it. It’s utterly beautiful, both story and pictures. (It was the pictures that drew me in to begin with, as we’ve a picture book by Jo Weaver already, the very beautiful little bear.)

A Story like the wind by Gill Lewis and Jo Weaver

The pictures complement the lyrical text perfectly, telling the current stories of refugees in a boat and interweaving a magical tale of horses and music from long ago. It’s very shareable and thought provoking, although I confess that today I kept it all to myself. (Yes, as well as reading YA I read and enjoy picture books. I highly recommend this as an activity. I wish more books were illustrated too!)

White foal prancing on black background

Picture of people huddled in a boat under part of the story

Books like this inspire me to pick up a pencil and draw alongside the words I try to write. They’re such a gift. Enjoy the story, share the message. Pass it along.

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