Brio World Travel Switching Set 33512 – review

This post contains affiliate links. We were sent the Brio World Travel Switching set for the purposes of review, all opinions are mine.

We have been Brio fans for a very long time, and have a fairly comprehensive stock of trains and track from years and years ago. I love that it’s all still compatible with the current stuff, and that we can just go on adding to it as the years go by and the children grow up with it. It’s incredibly durable stuff, and while it can feel like a bit of an investment when you start out, it’s a great thing to suggest for relatives to add to, and it’s very much a more the merrier present and toy.

So yes, we were very happy to review the Brio World Travel Switching set (code 33512 for anyone making notes.)

Brio World 33512 Travel Switching set

It’s a reasonable size set, with two switching sets, a double height station (with working lift) and two trains, one battery powered. Plenty to play with and it kept the two younger children occupied for some hours. I’m looking forward to getting out a couple of our older sets and mix and matching them in to increase the play value too.

The station is particularly fabulous to be honest, here’s a close up from my Huawei.

The lift is a great addition – I don’t know what it is that is so satisfying about moving your people up and down the levels, but it’s such fun.

The battery powered train takes AAA batteries, not included – you’ll need a little screwdriver to fit them too.

Video hopefully of it in action.

About my only quibble with the whole set is to do with the packaging – do we really need every train piece and person and set of track to come in a separate plastic bag? The box, like I said is sturdy and reusable, I’d like for Brio to think about cutting down on the bags and replacing with something more environmentally friendly. In terms of the toy itself my experience is that it will last for years through multiple children and outings so that makes it great value and low impact given that most of it is wood. What do you think, does this rate as overall pretty good?

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