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One year ago, I took myself to the doctors, thinking I was having a resurgence of the anxiety and depression I’ve battled all my life.

It took a while, but turned out the problem was actually an underactive thyroid, I wrote about it a couple weeks ago.

So what’s the problem now? Because I’m exhausted, anxious and depressed again, and I don’t know why.

I guess I probably should see if I can get my bloods checked again. Just in case the thyroid is drifting down again. And I should make sure I’m taking my multivitamins in case vitamin D is implicated again. And maybe I should increase my fluid intake in case my blood pressure is too low (we’ve POTS in the family, it makes you reevaluate fluids and salt).

But once I’ve done all those things, what next? I can try yet harder with creative endeavours (daily blogging is a pretty good start) and make sure I get outside as often as possible but when life is like wading through mud what do you do to lift your spirits?

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  1. Thyroid levels dip in the winter – it’s well documented. I always struggle come November, and pick up in the Spring. It’s exhausting. But yes, do get your levels checked – even a small difference in dose can make a massive difference to how you feel (and sometimes, how you actually FEEL is more important than the numbers on the blood test. Your GP should take that into account too)
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  2. http://Michelle says

    Ruby Wax thinks mbct helps her to get out of depressive episodes? She did a masters in it and then wrote books and tours her shows all based on it.

    • http://Jax%20Blunt says

      Hmm, I’ll look into it. Have done some mindfulness previously in group situations but not entirely sure how it’s supposed to combat depression.

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