Saturday snippets

{musing} I was doing so well with blog every day November, then I hit a day where I didn’t know what to write and I was really really tired so I went to bed and that was it. Stopped. How do other people pick up when they falter? (not even asking how people don’t falter. I always falter.)

{eating} fridge bottom feast. This is what we call it when we eat all the left overs that have collected over the last two or three days. I hate throwing food out but we so often have bits that aren’t enough for more than one or two of us and then they don’t fit with what else I’m cooking and there you go. How do other big families manage this?

{thinking} 6 year old might be the hardest age to parent. Or is that just my children? It’s when they really start to exert themselves and so often it seems to be in such a needlessly confrontational way.

{reading} A Ruin of Kings. And wishing that kindle arcs can be a complete pain.

{working} on Saturday. Again. Why has the tech taken to breaking when I’m there??

{wishing} for things I can’t put into words. Like peace on earth and more honesty in corporations and politicians and more kindness everywhere but in both bigger and smaller ways.

{contemplating} Minecraft curriculum. Anyone tried anything they like?


Big has gone to visit a school friend who is at uni. Not sure about this independent children lark quite frankly. (NotSo)SmallTeen is continuing to expand his musical repertoire and took a bass with him on Friday for the first time. Smallest lost two teeth in one day, don’t think either of the older two have managed that before and Tigerboy decided drawing on a computer screen was a good idea. (he was wrong.)

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