Doing kind things

I try to practice little kindnesses. Letting the guy with three things go past me at the Lidl checkout. Putting my coppers in the volunteer coast watch box in the coop. Giving the homeless woman outside tesco a couple of quid.

I hope that stopping and talking to her is kind too. I’ve not seen her there for the past couple of days, I’m really hoping this means she’s found somewhere warmer, hopefully permanently this time.

I don’t remember there being homeless people when we moved here. But over the last couple of years or so, there was a tent on the prom, and a different woman living in a doorway of a closed up shop on the high street. And then they barricaded the door up, and she lived for a while outside tesco, just on the pavement and then one day she just wasn’t there any more.

How have we got to a situation where even a little town like this has people sleeping on the pavement? Why don’t we have answers to it? There’s another local charity shop opened up in the precinct, I’m hoping they’re actually doing something practical too.

Our outgrown stuff goes to charity shops, there are even a couple that take rags and recycle them, so I don’t throw anything fabric out. That’s kind too I guess, but it seems obvious to me, that everything should be repurposed, reused, recycled.

I’m trying to reduce the amount of stuff we buy too. I paid the rent on the allotment again today, and I’m going to start growing edibles up there, eat local right? Good for the world. We need to be kind to our planet too.

Have you done anything kind today? Big or small?

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