Light in photography and painting.

We’re going for the pictures speak a hundred words here. I love playing with a camera and light.

Exhibit A: Dewdrops. Best taken from the floor, you may end up with wet feet/ knees.
dew drops

Exhibit B: sunset. This a blurred version with silhouettes – I think I was playing with a review camera for this one.
sunset silhouette

Exhibit C: Yes, another Kentwell sunset. This may be my all time favourite sunset shot, taken with my trusty Canon Powershot.

Exhibit D: sunlight (probably earlyish morning looking at the direction) on waves. Yum.

Exhibit E: something a little different, from when I was working quite hard on my painting. I probably should get back to that.

To finish, exhibit F: daisy with added light.
daisy with sunlight

I regularly aim my camera/ phone at the sun despite all advice to the contrary (a little more of that rebellion there!) I think the results are worth it.

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  1. Those dewdrops are spectacular!

  2. I love all of them! Capturing the interplay of light on our surroundings is one of my favourite things.

  3. Wow those are all stunning. Love the sunset one. But the candle painting is gorgeous too. x

  4. These are so beautiful.

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