A list in snippets

{cooking} pizza. Honest. I’m not blogging at all, you can’t see me, la la…

{enjoying} BEDN which has completely revitalised both my blogging and my blog reading. I’ve missed both, so this is a real bonus. I only expected to kickstart the writing, not the enjoyment if that makes any sense.

{listening} to a wider variety of music, having signed us up for a family spotify account. I’m calling it an educational expense given that both the older kids are doing music courses at college these days.

{reading} actually, I haven’t started anything else since I finished Fated a couple days back. Hm. Must pick something up. But what am I in the mood for? (Really I want to read the next Trudi Canavan trilogy, the Traitor Spy, but the first one still hasn’t come into the library for me, and I even visited the secondhand bookshop and they don’t have it.)

{writing} I’m doing nano, ish. By which I mean I’m committing to trying to finish one of the two manuscripts I’ve been working on quite literally for years. In fact, one of them is older than my children. (This is possibly not something to be proud of.) For a variety of reasons, some similar to those mentioned by Rachael in her #BEDN post today, I’m struggling with both the ideas. But am determined to complete, even if I can’t find an agent/ publisher who will take them. At that point, I guess my best bet will be to self publish. Exciting!

{decluttering} gradually. Probably best not talked about too much tbh.

{pondering} how many of these points I can get away with?

Big and Small (aka NSSmallTeen in various places these days) are fairly established at college these days. I’m not entirely sure whether he still technically counts as home educated, I probably should follow that up at some point. He’s definitely getting a full time education either way. Smallest is beginning to struggle with the cold in much the way her older siblings do – have bought several pairs of thermal tights for her. By contrast, Tigerboy is bouncing round in shorts. He’s taken up trampolining, appropriately enough, and has already achieved badge 2. I’m impressed.

And that will have to do you today, given it’s past time I was making pizza.

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  1. Oh what a practical and interesting list! Huge luck with your book and the decluttering!

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