(Re)introducing me!

Because I don’t have enough to do at the moment, I’ve decided to take part in #BEDN run by Elizabeth Dhokia here. It was Mummy Barrow‘s fault. (A fair few things I’ve got up to recently, bikinis in the garden and so on have been inspired by T.) She may have mentioned on instagram that she was joining in to give herself some oomph (ok, a kick up the arse) and as I’m severely lacking in oomph at the moment, I thought yeah, I can do that.

So here goes, I’m starting with a bit of an intro post in the hope that there are a few new readers out there.

I’m Jax. There’s 15 years of archives about me here, but if you want the edited highlights, I’m 47, a writer, a photographer, a blogger, parent to 4 awesome kids, two of whom are full time home ed, the other two are in college. I’ve a part time job in a charity bookshop, a long standing love affair with books of all kinds, I sell prints via redbubble, and I love my beautiful Huawei P20 Pro phone and its camera.

This is from the first day I tried out a P20 Pro, courtesy of ThreeUK on a photowalk in London. (Obviously I didn’t take this picture.)

That’s my favourite shirt, in case you were wondering, you’ll probably get used to seeing it around.

The focus of the photowalk was portrait photography – this is me practising on Rob, the pro photographer who came along to explain how the phones worked.

I had a great day. If you follow me round and about social media (I’m liveotherwise pretty much everywhere, with an additional bookstagram/fb page at liveotherwisebookclub for book specific material) you’ll have seen this next image as my profile pic.

As well as portraits, we talked about video, and food photography, and I *still* haven’t got into editing video even though I have a heap of interesting things from the fab food court thing we went to. (I’ll be back with the name, but I’m racing to finish this before cooking dinner!) And all of this made me want a P20 so very very much.

And then Huawei ran a competition, called #SparkARenaissance. And I entered lots of pictures in each of the weekly contests. In the last week, with this pic, I won.

So now I have my own P20 Pro, I use the #HuaweiP20bloggers tag on instagram particularly when I’m showing off the awesome extreme slow motion type pic, or any of the other AI enhanced options. So yeah, there you go. This is who I am, and what I do. More tomorrow 🙂

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  1. LOVE this. And those photos are incredible. I a real Apple girl so have never considered any other phone but now I have seen these I might get the phone just for the camera!

    Can’t wait to read more of your posts over the month.

    And thanks for being so supportive of the mad things I have suggested recently. You are ace.

    • http://Jax%20Blunt says

      At one of the early blog things there was a video of the first follower idea. With a guy doing a dance and then one bloke gets up and joins in. I am that first follower. (I’m also two glasses on wine into a bottle so I apologise if I’m not making much sense!)

  2. So good to have you back blogging. I love these pictures, they are incredible. I look forward to following your month xx

  3. Gosh it’s like my dream phone haha, but it’s so expensive!
    Cora | http://www.teapartyprincess.co.uk/
    Cora @ Tea Party Princess recently posted…Book Beginnings #63My Profile

  4. Love these photos – i’ve Just got the iPhone X so am playing with that camera now which is definitely an improvement. Will definitely be inspired by these images even if not taken on an Apple phone.

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