Saturday snippets 11 August 2018

{Pondering} on what possesses people to do unpleasant aggressive things to complete strangers. Bit of an incident at work – nobody hurt, but a bit shaken up by it. Not fun.

{Enjoying} the slightly cooler weather. Although apart from driving and sleeping I really enjoyed the sunshine. I like being warm, what can I say?

{Reading} um, not sure. I seem to have about 4 books started, I need to have a finishing binge and write up some reviews.

{Struggling} to find time and energy at the same time for writing. But I need to. For me, for the me 24 years ago who tried so hard and was rejected so many times. Going to make it up to myself one day very soon.

{Considering} cutting my hair off. Because it’s dry and horrid since the thyroid thing and it depresses me.

{Feeling} tired and hoping it’s just because I’ve got a lot going on and not because the thyroid thing is flattening me again.


Big requalified as a lifeguard, two years she’s been doing that now. Small is taking part in a games jam this weekend, and they both spent a day with a guitar friend. Tigerboy and Smallest had a trip to the new local diner and the biggest sundaes I’ve ever seen, partly to make up for her disappointment after an abortive trip to London on Monday. (We were having a special mummy and daughter trip out to a Christopher Robin event at Claridges, but there was a trackside fire and all trains were canceled. She sobbed. It was horrid. )

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  1. Oh that ice cream looks amazing. I think you should go for it with your hair. You’d be amazed at what a difference it makes x

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