Saturday snippets 4 August 2018

{Watching} Guardians of the galaxy vol 2. Loved it. Groooooot!

{Enjoying} beachfest 2, featuring Motherfvnker. (Not enjoying the walk there and back with screaming 6 year old. We never let him do anything, you know, never.)

{Eating} custard donuts and home made milkshake. (I mentioned the screaming 6 year old, yes? I earned that donut. )

{Reading} The long way to a small angry planet (grabbed it for 99p on kindle – affiliate link). Have heard *very* good things about this.

{Planning} how to write 4 chapters of a book in a month. That’s one a week. Maybe 1500 words a day? Hmm. My longhand writing plan may have to take a back seat.


Big now has highlights in her hair, which has generated much happiness. Small has recommenced fencing once a week which has boosted his activity level somewhat. Smallest and I are planning a special day out to London and Tigerboy has started reading Dork diaries.

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  1. Good luck with the writing. I’d like to achieve those amounts, but it’s only about 200-300 words a day just now, not enough. I’ve not seen that film, will have a look. And you deserved that donut x

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